My printer and I will be at the TCT show

I have been remiss of late in not posting much on this blog. The reason is that it’s a very busy time of year for me with my “day job” and I have also been very busy upgrading my printer to 5 colour and trying to get it all dialled in. I will shortly be posting my thoughts and findings of using the Diamond 5 colour hot end but I have something important to do first.

I am honoured and flattered to have been invited to attend the TCT show at the NEC in Birmingham as a guest of the Duet3D team. I’m honoured that I will be in such esteemed company, and flattered that my attempt at building a 3d printer is thought to be worthy of exhibiting.

The Duet stand is J56 and there are more details here

All I have to do is get this to the show…………..


For those of you who haven’t visited my CoreXY page, it stands a tad over 1.6 metres tall to the top of the filament reels and is 730mm wide at the widest point.  It’s too tall to go in my van and I don’t want to lay it down, so part of the recent upgrade was to make it so that it it can be partially disassembled. In theory, undoing just 4 bolts will enable the top third to lift off, complete with the upper XY gantry, the 5 extruders, cable chain etc. But there are an awful lot of wires to disconnect. Five connections on the X carriage plus most of these.


Hopefully, (and if it withstands the journey) I’ll get it reassembled and be able to demonstrate some nice 5 colours prints. In any case, I will be there in person so it’d be good to meet any of you who have taken the trouble to read some of my ramblings.




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