Recent reader rants

I’ve just a spate of quite nasty, negative comments which I’m a bit upset about. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your point of view) these appeared while I was laying in a hospital bed where I had no Wi-Fi access and only my ‘phone. Otherwise, I’d likely have simply deleted this blog in it’s entirety – I really don’t care and it’s only one mouse click to do so.

Now that I have access to my computer again and have had a few days to calm down, I’ve simply deleted those comments. As it’s my blog, I have full moderating rights. If people really want to take what I write out of context and rant about it, then I’ll simply disallow all comments.

So I’d just like to re-iterate the purpose of this blog by quoting my opening post:

The intended purpose of this blog/web site is that it will be a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas, experiments and general 3D printing related stuff. I have no affiliation to any 3D printer brands or manufacturers. What I write here will just be my own personal views and experiences. Hopefully some of the stuff I put on here will be useful or inspirational to the wider RepRap community. If not, well nobody is forcing to read any of it……..

Now it takes fair bit of my time and effort to put together some of these posts (which nobody is forcing anyone to read), for which I get no financial gain. I simply want to log my findings, as much for my own benefit than anything else. By putting them on the web, others can read them if they choose. I also give people the opportunity to comment if they wish to do so. I really don’t care if you agree/disagree but there is no need to get nasty. I’m simply logging my own experiences and of course many other users will have different experiences. Lets try and be a bit grown up about it though.

For example, my method for assembling the Diamond hot end is just that – it’s my method. Many people have problems with leaks around the heat sinks which I have never had. That is what prompted me to write my post. Merely to share the way that I do it, hoping that it may help others who have difficulties. Of course, other methods may work equally well or even better – I’m just saying “this works for me”

Despite making this clear in the opening paragraphs, I’ve been flamed for “telling people how to to assemble their hot end” and then blamed when it didn’t work for them. All I can say is that if you buy a cheap clone, then remember the old saying “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows’ ear”.

Another example is my experiences with certain filaments. I started that particular post with this:

As ever, these are just my personal experiences and I have no links with either eSun or E3D other than being a paying customer. Neither do I have any “axe to grind” or grudge against any company. What follows are just my own findings, on my machine and should not be taken as any recommendation or otherwise.

Yet I’ve just been blasted for “flaming eSun”. For sure there are bound to be hundreds maybe even thousands of happy customers but my own personal experience (which is entirely what this blog is all about) was not good.  It doesn’t take much intelligence to work out that what I received was a bad batch but that doesn’t detract from the fact that I had a less than satisfactory experience.

So what should I do? Tell lies to keep everyone happy? That isn’t going to happen so if you don’t like it, stop reading what I write – I just log my own personal findings.

Then to the person who summed up my printer as a pile of crap which would be the laughing stock of the TCT show, well sorry to disappoint you but take a look at this from about 7:50

It takes me time and effort to write these posts for which I get no reward. Nobody says you have to read these posts. If you have an alternative point of view, then start your own blog but don’t start a rant on mine.

I apologise that you can’t get back at me as I’ll simple delete any rants and if they get worse, I’ll disallow all comments. There is also the option of going to “settings – general” and clicking the link “delete your site permanently” which I came very close to doing.

Finally, it’ll likely be while before I post anything else as I just got discharged from hospital, with what seem the entire contents of a pharmacy, and a longish period of convalescence and numerous out patient tests yet to be conducted.




11 thoughts on “Recent reader rants

  1. I have been a passive reader of your blog since the inception and I have thoroughly enjoyed one of the most analytical and informative sources of what I find open and unbiased data and findings.
    I have not seen these derogitory posts, neither do I wish too – please keep going with the blog, I love it!


    1. Thanks man. You wouldn’t have seen the derogatory comments as they were from people who have not posted a comment before. Therefore I get asked to approve them before they are published and in these cases, I did not approve them.

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  2. Cheers Dave. I’m doing my best. So far I’ve taken 5 of the 14 pills I have to take today. Feel like a bloody tube of Smarties. But as my daughter just pointed out, that’s better than the pin cushion that I have been. Its nice to be free from tubes and drips 🙂


    1. You rattle when you walk then? Like my Father 😉 On the up side, your daughter is absolutely right – I HATE needles!
      On the printer front I have been working away for many years on and off and I believe have enough components now to finish design and order frame metalwork for my Kossel and fit my 3 head Diamond! I’ll be home for a while now and hope to spend some time in my ‘Bat Cave’… I should be taking delivery of a (Kickstarter) Snapmaker any day soon which will provide me a supply of small components under my own control (I have been completely disillusioned by various 3D Hubs suppliers for my Raspberry Pi projects – I suspect I have been unlucky?).


  3. I have to second Daves comments. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I like your methodical scientific approach. By the way, your printer is awesome! I hope you get well soon.


  4. Hello Ian.

    As a total newb to this area, im grateful to you and all the others out ther on the interweb that take the time to write stuff like this.

    I run my own little video blog and photography page and i know how long it takes to put this kind of content together. People seem to think that you just type for 5 minutes and there it is “job done” they dont think of the hours of research that has gon into the blog youve just written or the days spent editing photos and video.

    Please keep this up. iv bought a CR10mk2 (been sat in its box for 5 months now waiting for me to find the time to assemble it!) i need all the information i can get so that i can dazzle my wife wit a new set of spice pots!

    Just one question 3 colour or 5 colour hot end??? 😉


    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for that. It’s nice to get a bit of positive feedback.

      TBH, I wouldn’t bother with the 5 colour. I happen to have one but rarely use it. There aren’t all that many parts which require more separate colours than a 3 colour can do. Because neither one actively mixes and what comes out of the nozzle is akin to stripey toothpaste, then you won’t get say pure Red by mixing say Magenta and Yellow. So if you want Red – you load Red filament. And if you going to keep doing that, is there much point in having a 5 input hot end? Now if it actually mixed and all you needed to do was load up CYMK (K being black) and White and use ythose filaments for everything, then the 5 colour would be the way to go. The 5 colour costs more and takes a bit of taming. The big expense is the extruders – 3 is bad enough, but 5 is real pain in the wallet. Then you have to find some means of mounting 5 reels of filament – again 3 is hard but 5 is harder still.


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