Duet Generation 3 upgrade part 4 (and post TCT show)

This is just a quick update on the current state of play.

Despite all our best efforts, the Duet guys didn’t quite get all of the outstanding issues resolved with the prototype expansion board firmware in time for the TCT show. So we had to run with what we had. I wasn’t able to successfully complete a full demonstration print, but I did manage some partial prints. Fortunately, when I explained that the expansion boards were prototypes and so was the firmware, most people were quite understanding.

Despite the fact that the printer was only partially working, I did get some pretty amazing feedback. Having spent the first 66 years of my life trying to keep a low profile, I found myself thrust into the limelight and ended up doing 3 video interviews for the likes of Tom Sanladere and others. Here are a couple of links



And I also did an interview with the Bondtech guys who have posted it on their web site


The printer itself survived being taken apart, transported from my upstairs study to the TCT show and back again without any problems. In fact, I didn’t even check the bed level after I assembled it at the show. I did check it again after I re-assembled the printer once it was back home. It was spot on level and no adjustment was needed, so I’m quite happy about that.

The status now is that all the bugs have been fixed but there are still one or two things that haven’t yet been implemented in the expansion board firmware. The main one for me that I hope will be fixed soon is detection of end stops on expansion boards during homing. Because of this, I am unable to home the printer as I would normally do, but have to do it manually and use G92 to set the homed position. This is a bit laborious with my 7 axes . Tuning of heaters on expansion boards is another thing that isn’t yet implemented and there seems to be an issue with CRC errors when uploading files. Apart from that, I haven’t come across any other firmware issues that haven’t now been fixed.

I’m still running the printer in stand alone mode. That is to say, I’m not yet using the Raspberry Pi as I haven’t yet seen any compelling reason why I should do so. That will no doubt change when new features get added.

I’ve changed a lot of the wiring yet again. Essentially, I’ve added a DC UPS but that will be the subject of my next post which I hope to get done later this week.


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