My 6 Input Hot End – Part 11

1. Introduction This is going to be a very quick post (by my standards) detailing my tests using PET-G instead of PLA and what I plan to do next. 2. Experimental design changes From the last tests in part 10, it is clear that heat is being conducted through the filament itself, and those filaments […]

My 6 Input Mixing Hot End – Part 10

1. Introduction I have now made new parts and finally cured the leakage problems. I’ve also managed one test print which was promising, but I also ran into other problems which were entirely anticipated. Whether there are solutions to these problems remains to be seen. 2. New parts This is the new combining block. The […]

My 6 input mixing hot end – part 9

1. Introduction I now have some new heat breaks which I have fitted. This post will be an update on the tests that I have done and the latest problems that I have encountered. Apologies in advance if this is another seemingly verbose post but I find it useful to have everything written up so […]

Quick and cheap DIY nozzle “trainer” socks.

1. Introduction This is a follow up post to the nozzle temperature tests I did previously. Depending on the design of ones’ hot end, it may not be possible to buy a silicone “sock” to fit. In this post, I detail how I quickly and cheaply made some. My particular hot block has a large […]