My 6 Input Mixing Hot End – Part 5

1. Introduction Further to my last post (part 4) this is just a quick update on my findings with regard to the leakage, my first attempt at a fix, and some other thoughts and observations. 2. Removing filament Having discovered a filament leakage problem, I had to remove the hot end assembly from the printer. […]

My 6 input mixing hot end – part 4

1. Introduction Further to my last post (part 3), I have designed some test parts to highlight the “stripey toothpaste” effect and printed these using the Diamond hot end. I’ve also managed to re-configure the extruders on my machine, fit the new hot end, load and flush through some filament and attempt my first print. […]

My 6 Input Mixing Hot End V2 – Part 3

1. Introduction Following on from my last post (part 2), I have completed the minor design changes and made and fitted the new parts. I’ve also received the 80 Watt heater cartridge that I ordered so I’ve fitted that too. I finally managed to track down a 60 Watt heater which I have only just […]

Pull out filament storage rack.

I like to store all my filament in re-sealable plastic bags which I put inside cardboard boxes along with some re-useable silica gel. I buy just about all of my filament from 3DFilaPrint who helpfully supply the resealable bags along with sturdy boxes. But I’m not terribly disciplined and although I like to keep PET-G […]

New home for my printer

I’ve finally managed to re-arrange my garage to make new home for my printer which long ago outgrew the spare bedroom that I use as a study. After a massive effort last winter, I managed to clear out 30 odd years of clutter and ended up with this, which just about gave me enough room […]