Dynamic force cancellation\load balancing.

Sub title – My crazy printer is now completely insane!   As followers of this blog will know, for various reasons, the moving mass of my printer is in the order of 4.2Kgs in the Y direction. That in itself isn’t an issue because I have demonstrated that I can print at up to 300mm/sec […]

Print cooling fan upgrade

One thing I’ve always struggled with has been printing overhangs and to some extent bridges due to inadequate part cooling. The problem is, with a monstrous hot end assembly such as mine, where can I fit a fan without losing too much travel in X or Y? My answer has been to exploit the fact […]

Putting all the recent upgrades together.

Around about this time last year, I was making a start on upgrading my printer to use a five colour Diamond hot end, in preparation for the TCT show. The upgrade itself went fine but I had problems printing five coloured objects. Specifically, the scaled up version of Aria by Loubie that I’ve talked about […]

Upgrading my Extruders from 5 E3D Titans to 5 Bondtech BMGs

Following my extreme retraction torture tests, I decided to upgrade my printer from using E3D Titan extruders to BondTech BMGs (five of them). This was quite a major job for many reasons and because………..well, on the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth more, so in the […]

5 reel anti tangle filament holder upgrade

This was my original method for holding filament Essentially two lengths of 2020 vslot extrusion spanning the width of the printer. Cylindrical adaptors (printed parts) of about 45mm diameter with a square hole right through the middle and with flanges at one end, were slid over the rods. Filament was loaded by sliding the reels […]

Printed Christmas Pyramid Update

Really short of time right now so this is the briefest of posts just to say that I managed to get the Christmas Pyramid finished. YouTube video here – skip to the last minute or so if you just want to see how it ended up.