Mixing hot end extruder micro-stepping revisited

Note. This post is about extruder micro-stepping when using a mixing hot end. None of the findings would be applicable to non-mixing, single filament input hot ends. Introduction Some time ago I posted my thoughts on why I believed that 16x micro-stepping was not a good setting to use with a mixing hot end. The […]

Nozzle wiper/purge bucket/bed clamp upgrade.

Readers will know that I have a strip of silicone rubber running across the back of my printer which is used to wipe the nozzle. Beyond this silicone strip is a “bucket”, which isn’t really a bucket because it has no bottom. Here is a picture of how it was. The silicone strip is the […]

Wiring upgrade, Duet generation 3 and TCT show 2019

If you have read my recent post about upgrading my extruder carriage, you will know that I intend to upgrade my printer to Duet Generation 3 electronics. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, it will enable me to use 13 stepper drivers which I will need in order to use both the load balancing […]

6 Extruder carriage upgrade

Unlike the Z axis upgrade which was done mostly for aesthetic reasons, this is something that really needed doing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it had become a sorry state. Here is what I mean While doing some other work on the printer I managed to lean rather heavily on the cable chain which […]

Z axis aluminium upgrade

I decided it was time to upgrade my Z axis from the original printed parts to aluminium ones. But I have to say that the only reasons for doing so were that, in my opinion the aluminium parts are more aesthetically pleasing and also that I recently bought a boring head for my milling machine […]

X carriage upgrade (yet again).

My hot end X carriage was in a bit of a sorry state. Here is a picture. The tube that takes the wires for the circular COB light under the hot end, the part cooling fans and the limit switches, had broken away from the main body of the printed part. The uprights to which […]

Z Motor Mount/Belt Tensioner Upgrade

This is the last motor mount that I wanted to change. Here is the old one. Being plastic, it had the same issues with distortion due to heat that the other mounts had, hence the fan that can be seen on the left. The motor is mounted beneath the upper plate which can slide back […]