Pull out filament storage rack.

I like to store all my filament in re-sealable plastic bags which I put inside cardboard boxes along with some re-useable silica gel. I buy just about all of my filament from 3DFilaPrint who helpfully supply the resealable bags along with sturdy boxes. But I’m not terribly disciplined and although I like to keep PET-G […]

New home for my printer

I’ve finally managed to re-arrange my garage to make new home for my printer which long ago outgrew the spare bedroom that I use as a study. After a massive effort last winter, I managed to clear out 30 odd years of clutter and ended up with this, which just about gave me enough room […]

UPS battery installation

This is just a quick update to the last post I made about fitting a DC UPS. I’ve now got a better arrangement for the batteries. I printed a sort of tray with one tall end onto which I have mounted connectors, a fuse and also a meter so that I can see at glance […]

Mixing hot end extruder micro-stepping revisited

Note. This post is about extruder micro-stepping when using a mixing hot end. None of the findings would be applicable to non-mixing, single filament input hot ends. Introduction Some time ago I posted my thoughts on why I believed that 16x micro-stepping was not a good setting to use with a mixing hot end. The […]

Nozzle wiper/purge bucket/bed clamp upgrade.

Readers will know that I have a strip of silicone rubber running across the back of my printer which is used to wipe the nozzle. Beyond this silicone strip is a “bucket”, which isn’t really a bucket because it has no bottom. Here is a picture of how it was. The silicone strip is the […]

Wiring upgrade, Duet generation 3 and TCT show 2019

If you have read my recent post about upgrading my extruder carriage, you will know that I intend to upgrade my printer to Duet Generation 3 electronics. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, it will enable me to use 13 stepper drivers which I will need in order to use both the load balancing […]