Recent reader rants

I’ve just a spate of quite nasty, negative comments which I’m a bit upset about. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your point of view) these appeared while I was laying in a hospital bed where I had no Wi-Fi access and only my ‘phone. Otherwise, I’d likely have simply deleted this blog in it’s entirety […]

My printer and I will be at the TCT show

I have been remiss of late in not posting much on this blog. The reason is that it’s a very busy time of year for me with my “day job” and I have also been very busy upgrading my printer to 5 colour and trying to get it all dialled in. I will shortly be […]

Rainbow Aria the Dragon by loubie

This is another very quick post, just so you all know that I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve been really busy, both with my “day job” and upgrading my printer to 5 colour. Anyway, I’ve just finished printing this with my Diamond 5 Colour hot end. It’s Aria the Dragon by Loubie which you can […]

The Mighty Quin

This is a very quick post just to say that my printer has gone through another evolution. I’ve decided to call it the “Mighty Quin”.  Yes I know that’s cheesy but it’s big and powerful so “Mighty” and has 5 of a lot of things so “Quin”. The main changes are that it’s now 5 […]