Print cooling fan upgrade

One thing I’ve always struggled with has been printing overhangs and to some extent bridges due to inadequate part cooling. The problem is, with a monstrous hot end assembly such as mine, where can I fit a fan without losing too much travel in X or Y? My answer has been to exploit the fact […]

Putting all the recent upgrades together.

Around about this time last year, I was making a start on upgrading my printer to use a five colour Diamond hot end, in preparation for the TCT show. The upgrade itself went fine but I had problems printing five coloured objects. Specifically, the scaled up version of Aria by Loubie that I’ve talked about […]

T Glass/PETG Coffee Table

When he first heard about my printer, Tony Lock from Think3dPrint3D\Duet3D said something like “Blimey – you could print furniture on that !”, so I thought I’d give it a go. Some time ago I bought a Diamond hot end with a 0.9mm nozzle ( will make one if you ask) but I hadn’t used […]