My 6 Input Mixing Hot End – Part 8

1. Introduction Further to my last post (part 7), I have now made and fitted the part cooling solution, assembled the latest version of the hot end (although it is still lacking heat breaks), completed the fitting of the gantry belts and wiring, made and fitted a small circuit board for the Z probe/switch, and […]

My 6 input mixing hot end – part 6.

1. Introduction. This is just a progress update on the new gantries that I talked about in part 5 and my latest hot end design revisions. As far as the hot end itself is concerned, I’ve had a fairly major set back which I will talk about later. 2. The new extruder gantry. In part […]

My 6 Input Mixing Hot End – Part 5

1. Introduction Further to my last post (part 4) this is just a quick update on my findings with regard to the leakage, my first attempt at a fix, and some other thoughts and observations. 2. Removing filament Having discovered a filament leakage problem, I had to remove the hot end assembly from the printer. […]

My 6 Input Mixing Hot End V2 – Part 3

1. Introduction Following on from my last post (part 2), I have completed the minor design changes and made and fitted the new parts. I’ve also received the 80 Watt heater cartridge that I ordered so I’ve fitted that too. I finally managed to track down a 60 Watt heater which I have only just […]