The Mighty Quin

This is a very quick post just to say that my printer has gone through another evolution. I’ve decided to call it the “Mighty Quin”.  Yes I know that’s cheesy but it’s big and powerful so “Mighty” and has 5 of a lot of things so “Quin”. The main changes are that it’s now 5 […]

Printer upgrade

Just a quick post to say that I’ve updated the page which details the latest iteration of my CoreXY build. New features recently added are a complete redesign of the XY gantry arrangement where I’ve reverted back to dual rails. I also have another method of using the hot end nozzle to act as a […]

How I assemble Diamond Hot Ends

A few people have asked me how I stop leaks around heat sinks and I’ve also read quite a few posts on various forums by people who have had problems, either with leaks or blockages. I’ve never had any problem with leaks and only on rare occasions, partial blockages. The latter were in my early […]

eSun PETG and E3D Edge

I need to make some parts for my printer upgrade which will need to be strong so I thought it was about time that I tried some of the newer PETG filaments. As ever, these are just my personal experiences and I have no links with either eSun or E3D other than being a paying […]