My CoreXY Printer build

Below are some pics of the printer I’ve built, mostly from Open Builds V slot. I’m not going to bore anyone with the full build log but here is a brief description:-

It’s a Core XY design incorporating a Diamond hot end slung between two 2020 horizontal rails forming the X axis. The frame is 600mm x 600mm x 1,000 mm with another 500mm added to the top to take the filament spools and suspended extruders. Buld area is about 320mm x 300mm x 750 mm. The Y axis is two 4020 rails which also serve as the top frame members. The bed consists of two layers of rigid insulation, an 800W 240V silicone heater, a 400mm x 400mm x 10mm thick machined aluminium tooling plate topped with removable 6mm float glass. The bed moves in the Z direction, driven by three 8mm x 1mm pitch screws via a continuous belt and single motor. Separate V slot linear guides prevent and “wobble” or twisting. The extruders are suspended in a counterbalanced “flying” arrangement above the centre of the bed, which takes some of the weight off the X carriage but more importantly enable me to use short (about 250mm) Bowden tubes.

Z rod thrust and ball bearings
Z rod to bed semi flexible coupling
Z motor / belt drive assembly
Rats nest of wiring ready for electronics
Bottom view of X carriage with Diamond hot end
X and Y carrriage assemblies
Y carriage assembly
Duet WiFi and Duex 5 installed