My 3D Printing thoughts, ideas and experiments.

Welcome to my new look website/blog. This is still the free WordPress plan but I’ve just changed the theme which hopefully will make it easier for visitors to find individual blog posts. Click on the “Blog” menu item at the top and you’ll find all the posts in list order with the title and first few lines of each one. Just scroll down to find the one you want.

I’m not totally happy with the layout and colours but I have limited capabilities on what I can and cannot change. As I there is no financial incentive for me to publish posts or maintain this site, I’m reluctant to pay money out in order to be able to customise the site more extensively.

This remains just a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas and experiments with 3D printing, and maybe show off a few things that I’ve made. What you find written here are just my own personal thoughts, ideas, experiences and experiments. I endeavour not to make any recommendations or otherwise, but merely to state my own personal experiences and findings. Readers may agree or disagree and of course, their own personal experiences my differ from mine.

I’ve created a static page showing some pictures and a brief description of my CoreXY Printer that I have designed and built if anyone is interested.

I’ve added another page with brief descriptions of some of the more popular things that I’ve made, with links to where the files can be downloaded. You can go straight to that page by clicking here  Published designs

I hope you find something useful or inspirational here. Constructive comments are welcome but try and be nice.