Published designs

This one is an enclosure for the Duet Wifi Board. It takes an internal fan which blows air onto the rear of the board. You can find it here Duet enclosure




This one is an enclosure that takes both the Duet WiFi main board and a Duex (2 or 5) expansion board mounted one one above the other so that all terminal connectors are easily accessible. It takes 2 internal fans that will blow air on to the back of the boards and exhaust out of the top and bottom of the enclosure. You can find this one here. Duet Wifi + Duex expansion board enclosure




This next one is nothing to do with 3D printers. It’s a parametric bottle tray for the likes of e-cig juice, nail varnish, model paint tins or whatever. Basically it is a number of hollow cylinders but with solid bases, which are joined together by their wall thickness. It is fully parametric and should work with the thingiverse customiser although I included the OpenScad file. You can change the number of bottles wide, the number of bottles long, the overall height, and the base thickness. You can also change the inside diameter of the cylinders which should be the diameter of the bottles you want to use, plus 1 or 2 mm for clearance. It seems quite popular ad has been downloaded very many times. You can find it here Parametric bottle tray


Here are a couple of parametric stands which allow the bottle trays to be stacked.

Stand 1Stand 2


This is a mount to fit a Diamond hot end onto a RepRapPro Mendel (Tricolour). It has an extension to take the modulating probe which is normally fitted to one of the fan mounts. It fits directly on to the existing X carriage mount and you can find it here  Diamond hot end Mount for RRP Mendel



A very simple 3,4 5 (or more) sided parametric funnel for when a circular one won’t do can be found here Parametric 3, 4, 5 (or more) sided funnel. No pictures (well a funnel is just a funnel).

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