Duet Generation 3 upgrade and TCT show 2019 part3

Captains log, StarDate 3rd September 2019. Things are hotting up and getting quite frantic so this will have to be very quick post. The main board arrived last Monday (26th August) and I’ve got it wired up. For now, due to one or two unfinished firmware issues, the Z probe has to be connected to […]

Duet Generation 3 upgrade and TCT show part 2.

Following on from a previous post, I’ve made further progress on changing over to the new Duet Generation 3. Progress has been slow up until now because it have been waiting for the hardware to arrive. The expansion boards which are prototype boards, arrived on Monday 19th so I have now been able to fit […]

Wiring upgrade, Duet generation 3 and TCT show 2019

If you have read my recent post about upgrading my extruder carriage, you will know that I intend to upgrade my printer to Duet Generation 3 electronics. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, it will enable me to use 13 stepper drivers which I will need in order to use both the load balancing […]

6 Extruder carriage upgrade

Unlike the Z axis upgrade which was done mostly for aesthetic reasons, this is something that really needed doing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it had become a sorry state. Here is what I mean While doing some other work on the printer I managed to lean rather heavily on the cable chain which […]